FW-Range of Products and Services

FW-FERNWÄRME-TECHNIK GmbH offers solid technology and professional service.

Nonstop quality management is ensured
Nonstop quality management is ensured
  • The planning, design and prefabrication of all -steel pipe-in-pipe- systems for the safe conveyance of hot water, steam, condensate, thermal oil, cooling water and environmentally hazardous fluids for all pressures and for all temperatures of up to 400 ° C.
  • Project-specific planning, including structural analysis of the pipes
  • Provision of optimised compensation for the thermal expansion of the inner pipes
  • Calculations of heat and pressure losses, determination of insulation thicknesses and of the diameter of the encasing pipe
  • Documentation relating to FW STEEL-CASED PIPE-IN-PIPE or FW SAFETY PIPING being supplied
  • Quality management, elaboration of testing programmes in cooperation with planners, contractors and clients, and documentation in a Pipe Book with regard to prefabrication and on-site work
  • Prefabrication at the factory of FW STEEL INSPECTION CHAMBERS, insulated and completely equipped with all necessary valves and fittings, in the shape of standing cylinders at diameters of up to 4.2 meters
  • Vacuum-tight housings for valves installed underground
  • FW STEEL-CASED PIPE-IN-PIPE as self-supporting pipe bridges
  • Design and supply of leakage monitoring systems specially designed for FW SAFETY PIPING
  • Design and supply of heat tracing systems for pipelines
  • Design and supply of vacuum equipment (pumps, bulkhead seals, monitoring and safety equipment)
  • Evacuation work with mobile vacuum pumps after completion of on-site assembly or subsequently as a service
  • Design and handling of thermal pre-stressing procedures on medium pipes to operate pipelines carrying hot media without compensators (also for plastic-cased pipelines)
  • Localisation of damages to earth-laid district heating pipelines
  • Repair and renewal of district heating networks
  • Radiographic testings
  • Design and installation of cathodic corrosion protection equipment
  • Manufacturing of FW/Dr Schnabel insulation flanges for cathodic corrosion protection equipment
  • Concrete sealing of underground district heating inspection chambers (by our sister company BAWAX GmbH)



  • FW STEEL CHAMBERS being prefabricated

  • Installation FW STEEL CHAMBER at Frankfurt/Main

  • Insulation pieces for corrosion protection of earth-lead pipelines

  • FW welding-expert at work

All these tasks are handled by highly qualified and experienced design engineers, additionally trained as welding engineers, together with a team of master craftsmen, fitters and welders. In some cases, the experience of FW staff with installing steel-cased pipe-in-pipe systems goes back to the year 1968.
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