Professional Training & Career at FW

From trainee to technical expert and more

Planning and construction of earth-laid pipe-in-pipes carrying hot media – FW STEEL-CASED PIPE-IN-PIPE, FW SAFETY PIPING, FW KAMMER-PIPE require profound engineering knowledge – about the fields of on-site and pipeline construction.

Partial view of the trainee workshop
Partial view of the trainee workshop
Best training conditions – workshop with trainee work piece: prototype FW- bike
Best training conditions – workshop with trainee work piece: prototype FW- bike
FW Black Museum showing samples from practice
FW Black Museum showing samples from practice

FW offers an apprenticeship for twelve apprentices who are willing to be trained as fitters for high-pressure pipes or as plant fitters. For this, a new training workshop is provided. Furthermore, we also offer professional training for draughtspersons and industrial clerks.

Every year, one or two project engineers are invited to participate in a continuous education programme for welding engineers.
Many certificates in the “Hall of Fame” testify the participation in continuous education of FW employees.

Our „inhouse“ training in the so-called “Black Museum” is a special FW training instrument (read more about this below).
Damaged district heating pipelines of various construction types which have been removed clearly illustrate the reasons behind and the type of errors that have occurred in the past.

„FW-Black Museum“

Employees of our company FW-FERNWÄRME-TECHNIK GmbH, partially looking back on 40 years of activities in the planning and construction of district heating pipelines, collected these damaged samples.

They should:

  1. help to avoid the repetition of similar mistakes; show young engineers and fitters that there are mistakes already having been made;
  2. continuously call back in mind that mistakes in planning, construction and system cost money, cause anger and prevent people from getting the heat intended for them;
  3. point out that not the current business, but a durable, solid and economic technique ensures the continuity of the district heating industry and thus the existence of our company;
  4. point out that only a satisfied customer remains a customer;
  5. keep up the visions for us to do sensible and good;
  6. explain that hot-going, expanding district heating lines and district heating lines requiring temperature and corrosion protection belong to the most pretentious works in the underground pipeline construction;
  7. reveal that district heating pipelines have to be documented in such a way that they can also be found later on;
  8. confirm that with the construction of FW-STAHLMANTELROHR® (FW STEEL-CASED PIPE-IN-PIPE) a system is given which can be used for the transport of district heating water, district cooling water, steam, condensate, thermal oil etc.;
  9. serve as an example that prevented damages and saved thermal losses are applied environmental protection.