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Visual publications about us

FW presents the company and its work with “moving images”.
The movies are available in several languages.

Follow the links to our company videos on Youtube.
Alternatively, you can request the FW films in your preferred language version as a DVD using the desired film number via our contactform 

FW presentation I:    
Thermal high-performance connections of FW STEEL-CASED PIPE-IN-PIPE, information movie, 14 minutes

Available in: German - EnglishFrench - Dutch    

FW presentation II:    
Installation of FW STEEL-CASED PIPE-IN-PIPE strings by means of the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) installation process, DVD, information movie, 19 minutes

Available in: GermanEnglishFrenchDutch – Finnish – Polish

FW presentation III:
Thermal pre-stressing of an above-ground-laid FW STEEL-CASED PIPE-IN-PIPE-pipeline 700/900 in Karlsruhe. HDD-laid FW STEEL-CASED PIPE-IN-PIPE 400/60/600: 1500 m in one piece in Rotterdam.

Available in: GermanEnglishFrenchDutch – Finnish – Polish – Czech


FW presentation IV:
Thermal prestressing of a FW STEEL SHEATH PIPE.

Available in: GermanEnglishFrenchDutchFinnishPolish